When trying to stay in shape or lose weight, what someone eats can really effect the outcome. Just as doing the right exercise, eating the right foods can speed or slow the process of dropping extra weight. Here are some highly recommended fat burning foods to speed up metabolism, burn fat and help drop those pounds.

Whole grains are one of the best sources to speed the metabolism. Since they are a combination of complex carbs and fiber, they work to not only maintain a satisfied feeling but also speed up how the body burns fat by keeping insulin levels low. Cereals are one of the best sources for whole grains, along with breads and oatmeal. Try to find whole grains high in fiber (at least three grams per serving).

Milk has been shown to aid in burning fat. A study completed by the University of Tennessee showed that those who took in 1,200 to 1,300 mg of calcium a day lost almost double the weight than dieters who did not get this much calcium. The calcium triggers the metabolism and, like whole grains, calcium is a source of complex carbs which keeps those insulin levels low, which in turn tells the body to burn fat.

Fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids work on metabolism. Not only do they have other health benefits, but the Omega-3’s control the leptin in the body which has a direct effect on controlling calorie burning. Make sure the fish is high in Omega-3, like salmon, tuna and sardines.

Hot peppers like Jalapenos and Habaneros can also effect metabolism and fat burning rate. They speed up the heart rate which increases metabolic rate and fat burn. Other hot chile peppers will do the same are easy to add to a variety of foods for flavor.

Some beverages like green tea and coffee are also good for burning fat away. The caffeine found in them is linked to speeding up the metabolic rate. Many people prefer green tea as they report less jitters than coffee.

These foods are not only good fat burners, but healthy in other ways as well. The key is, when eating them, be careful not to add things with negative effects. Stay away from the fat and calorie laden coffee drinks that will cause the override the benefits. Do not cover the fish in butter and sauces; keep it clean and fresh for the best fat burning benefits. Adding a few of these few foods to the daily diet may not only taste great, but are essential to your fat burning diet.