If you want to trim down your hips, there are specific exercises that will help you to accomplish this weight loss goal.  By following these exercise techniques you will see that you are able to lose weight for free.

Interval workouts

Interval workouts mean changing up between hard training periods and easier ones for timed periods. They help to increase your endurance and you will find that they also target certain muscle regions in the hip area like your hamstrings and butt muscles.

Quick walking

Quick walking, as I have mentioned previously is a great way to lose weight in your thighs, hips, and butt.  If you want to make it even more effective, try brisk walking up an incline.  You may want to pick a specific incline that you can repeatedly exercise on.  You will want to walk quickly up the slope and then walk slowly back down the slope and repeat.  Walking stairs can give you the same benefit, so it’s a good idea to avoid the elevator and take the stairs instead.

Treadmill walking

If you don’t want to walk outside you can use a treadmill.  You’ll want to warm up at a slow pace and no incline.  After you’ve been walking for a few minutes you can increase the incline and walk at a faster pace for about a minute.  Then slow it down and drop the incline down to 0 for a couple of minutes.  Again repeat this process for a while depending on how comfortable you feel.  If you feel that you need more, you can increase the incline and take a shorter rest period.  Just make sure you are timing yourself and sticking to it.  These types of interval workouts can be done with any kind of exercise, and it’s a good idea to mix things up to prevent yourself from getting bored.  As you get fitter and you start to trim down your hips, you’ll want to adjust the workouts accordingly.


As you advance, sprinting can be a super exercise especially for your rear end. Workouts like this also help to increase your endurance, increase stamina, and strengthen your lungs.  Start of walking for about 5 minutes then turn it into a run (this does not mean jog) for about 1 minute.  Then you need to slow down to a walk until you fully recover.  Once you are fully recovered, turn it on with a sprint for 1 minute.  Sprinting is where you will really start to see results beyond regular exercise.  About 40 minutes a weak of brisk walking can maintain your health, but if you have fitness goals or want to taget certain areas like losing weight of your hips, you will need to add the additional workout.  Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water.  If you get dehydrated you wont feel bad and you wont want to sprint again.


It’s important to stretch before you begin exercising, especially if you are doing sprints. As you tighten your muscles, you could reduce your flexibility if you aren’t maintaining your stretching.  Reach towards your head towards your knees without bending while you are standing or sitting.  This will stretch your back and also your thigh muscles.

Leg Lifts

Another exercise that will help you trim down your hips is the leg lift.  You do this by lying on your back with your legs extended.  Lift a leg while maintaining the other on the floor.  Don’t bend either knee.  Try to lift it so it is straight up.  Hold it for a period of about 5 seconds and then put the leg down.  Repeat this same process a few times and then switch to the other leg.  This is a great exercise for trimming down your butt and hips.